Our Recent Verdicts, Settlements And Appeal

The result we obtained in each of these cases was based on facts, legal issues and insurance coverage that were unique to each case. We present this information only to show that Peterson & Lipps has litigated large cases, complex cases and cases arising out of a wide variety of factual scenarios, not only through trial but through the Appellate process. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Recent Appellate Decisions

2018: $501,000 judgment/jury verdict affirmed by Iowa Court of Appeals . McIlrath v. Prestage Farms of Iowa, 889 N.W.2d 700 (Table)

2018: Landmark Iowa Supreme Court decision that rules it is against public policy for prenuptial agreements to bar recovery of attorney fees to parent who litigates child custody, child support or alimony issues. Erpelding v. Erpelding, 2018 WL 3322921

2018: Iowa Supreme Court affirms continued vitality of court's landmark decision, Gacke v. Pork Xtra, 684 NW 2d  168 2004 (Mr. Lipps handled this case in 2004), which allows rural homeowners to hold livestock facilities responsible for air pollution. Mr. Lipps participated in the Amicus brief and oral argument of Honomichl v. Valley View Swine, LLC, 914 N.W.2d 223 (IA 2018)

2017: $420,000 judgment/jury verdict reinstated by Iowa Court of Appeals. Burdick v. Interstate Power And Light Company, 909 N.W.2d 23 (Table)

Recent Jury Verdicts/Settlements

  • 2018: $210,000 settlement for shoulder injury to customer at a grain terminal from a fall occurring on a dangerous walkway
  • 2018: $205,000 settlement for neck injury from a motor vehicle collision. Portion of recovery was from underinsured motorist coverage.
  • 2018: $525,000 settlement resulting from injuries in motor vehicle collision.
  • 2018: $136,000 workers' compensation settlement for shoulder injury occurring to school custodian.
  • 2018: $91,000 settlement for review/reopening workers' compensation settlement for back injury.
  • 2018: $150,000 workers' compensation settlement for leg injury.
  • 2018: $217,000 workers' compensation settlement for head injury occurring at grain elevator with worker returned back to close to full duty.
  • 2017: $117,600 arbitration decision for neck-back injury to worker who was returned to nearly full duty. Fitzloff v. Arts Way, Files 6062442 & 5062443, (11/15/17).
  • 2017: $117,500 settlement for leg injury resulting from motor vehicle-pedestrian accident. Portion of recovery was from underinsured motorist coverage.
  • 2017: $375,000 settlement for back injury occurring to chicken confinement worker when flooring collapsed. Worker also recovered $92,600 in workers' comp benefits
  • 2017: $223,000 workers' compensation settlement for cumulative hip injury to city sanitation worker that was aggravated by work conditions.
  • 2017: $154,500 workers' compensation settlement for internal injuries sustained in a fall with worker released back to full duty.
  • 2016 – $656,000 plus $170,000 lien waiver — settlement for motor vehicle injury.
  • 2016 – $200,100 — combination premises liability and workers' comp settlement with lien waiver for rotator cuff injury with surgery. Approximated 48 percent industrial disability.
  • 2016 – $141,234 — settlement of workers' comp claim for shoulder injury with surgeries. Approximated 56 percent industrial disability.
  • 2015 – Jury verdict of $500,000 reduced by 20 percent comparative fault — currently on appeal.
  • 2015 – Jury verdict for $48,983 for property damage involving semitractor-trailer and farm tractor collision – reduced by 20 percent comparative fault – personal injury settled separately.
  • 2015 – Jury verdict of $525,000 – currently on appeal.
  • 2015 – $163,039 – settlement – motor vehicle collision.
  • 2014 – $793,550 for back injury from combined auto wreck and workers' comp claim. Settlement included amounts from other driver's liability insurance, workers' compensation recovery and workers' compensation lien waiver.
  • 2014 – $295,437 – workers' compensation settlement for a back injury
  • $33 million-dollar ($33,000,000) jury verdict in an environmental pollution case. This verdict was reported to be a national record.
  • $757,000 jury verdict for wrongful death and, after reduction to $683,000 for comparative fault was reported as a record for the largest jury verdict in Kossuth County history.
  • 2013 – $100,000 workers' compensation settlement for restaurant exposure to roach pesticide followed by employee experiencing adult respiratory distress syndrome.
  • 2012 – $600,000 wrongful death settlement.
  • 2012 – Confidential wrongful death settlement arising out of construction site accident involving several OSHA violations.
  • 2012 – $120,000 workers' compensation settlement arising out of left shoulder, right shoulder and knee injuries.
  • 2011 – $480,000 combined settlement with underinsured motorist carrier and negligent driver who crossed center line.
  • August 2010 – $254,000 workers' compensation settlement for nurse who was injured by combative patient.
  • $550,000 jury verdict for trespass and infliction of emotional distress — $500,000 for punitive damages – reported as highest punitive damage verdict in Kossuth County history.
  • Judgment and successful defense of appeal setting aside defective conveyance and recovery of 80-acre farm. McNertney v. Kahler, 710 N.W.2d 209 (Iowa 2006).
  • In June 2009 – confidential settlement for burn injury plaintiff in ethanol plant explosion case involving fire and several OSHA violations.
  • $196,000 workers' compensation settlement for an employee who fell off a roof consisting of $182,000 in disability benefits and $14,000 for a medical set aside trust.
  • Confidential settlement for nursing home resident who was severely burned after being wedged by a baseboard heater after a fall out of her bed.
  • Confidential resolution of case involving nuisance and pollution claims against several million bird capacity poultry operation.
  • $143,000 workers' compensation settlement for nursing home employee who suffered back injury.
  • $400,000 underinsured motorist settlement after jury verdict and successful defense of appeal.
  • $210,000 jury verdict for a neck injury from a car collision after insurance carrier offered $30,000 at mediation.

Peterson & Lipps also represented many farm families in air pollution cases including a successful constitutional challenge overturning an Iowa law that prevented the public from holding corporations responsible for air pollution. Gacke v. Pork Xtra, L.L.C., 684 NW 2d 168(Iowa 2004).

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